What We Do

The National License Trade Partnership (NLTP) was established by Donald MacLeod and ACC Bernie Higgins. The aim was to promote best practice between Police Scotland and the wider licensed trade. Previously relationships between on-trade organisations and the Police were at an all-time low. Poor communication channels between them meant little or no discussion ever took place regarding best practise in the industry.

The NLTP was formed to help break down the barriers that existed between the two and to tackle the mistrust within the trade industry. We believe that communication and trust is essential to make for a better, safer industry. The partnership meets quarterly to discuss a number of items from operational issues, ways of working positively and other common ground. 

Police Scotland

Police Scotland have worked alongside the National Licensed Trade Partnership (NLTP) since its inception in 2015 developing and strengthening the relationship with the Licensed Trade. This NLTP is enhancing partnership working with many different types of businesses and is helping tackle some of the underlying causes of violence and contributing to keeping our communities safe from harm.

With over 13,000 licensed premises in Scotland, alcohol can have an extremely damaging and negative impact on our communities. Irresponsible drinking can lead to violence, disorder and antisocial behaviour and increase a person’s vulnerability.

Ultimately the police role in Licensing is to support and ensure licensed premises uphold the 5 licensing objectives which are:

Preventing crime and disorder
Securing public safety
Preventing public nuisance
Protecting and improving public health
Protecting children and young persons from harm

I would like to thank everyone involved in the NLTP and the Licence Trade for their continued support. Our partnership working and problem solving approach ensures Police Scotland, Licence Holders and Licensed Premise staff all have a clear understanding of our collective responsibilities to preserve order, reduce violence and promote safety.

Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins

“To develop and promote positive partnership working between Police Scotland and the licensed trade, in order to increase legal understanding and support a shared aim of best practice, responsible operation and respect”

Donald MacLeod

“The police are not the trade’s enemy and vice-versa. We’re on the same side. We’re working in partnership to share best practice for operators and staff. We want to get across the message that it’s never been safer to go to a pub or club”.

Bernie Higgins

“I joined the police in 1988 and i can honestly say that where we were 30 years ago in terms of partnership working is almost unrecognisable. I think the licensed trade and the work undertaken by Donald and the NLTP is to be commended. It’s making great strides”.

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